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Is God not speaking, or are you not seeking? The year is coming to an end; both Christmas and New years are just days away. The beginning of a new chapter is about to begin. This is the time I feel ignited to deeply reflect on the year that is passing, whilst preparing for the […]

December 23, 2023

It’s Time To Seek

My 28th birthday is coming up soon, so I compiled a list of 27 things I learned this year. I knew my 27th year was going to be special, not only because it was my golden birthday (27 on the 27th) but my relationship with Christ grew an enormous amount this year, so I did […]

August 23, 2023

27 Things I Learned At 27

I no longer keep up with a strict morning routine! I found that it became too stressful for me. I learned that not everyone is a routine person, and sometimes we need different things on different days. That being said, I still believe it’s important to have structure. So what I do now is I […]

January 17, 2023

Daily Goals For 2023